VOSPVisual Object and Space Perception
VOSPViolation of State Probation/Widman Act
VOSPVoice Service Provider
VOSPVietnamese Overseas Scholarship Program (various universities)
VOSPVoice Ownership Shoes Plan (resolution skills)
VOSPVideo Operating System Proxy
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Mr Zee, Main, Vosp and Asef stand huddled in the back courtyard of Cruddas Park Community Centre in Newcastle while a caretaker draws heavily on a drooping cigarette and watches them expectantly.
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Visuospatial and constructional abilities were explored with a dot counting task taken from the Visual Object Spatial Perception battery (VOSP) [54] and by means of the copy of geometrical figures test [40] as well as the copy of the Rey-Osterrieth complex figure test [44].