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VOSSVessel of Opportunity Skimming System
VOSSValidation of Stochastic Systems (research project)
VOSSVehicle Optics Sensor System
VOSSVatican Observatory Summer School (astronomy)
VOSSVisitor Operations Site Supervisor
VOSSView Order Sales System
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William the letters from Voss, Brothers, and give him English copies of the answers; he will translate them.
Therefore it was droll in the good Riemer, who has written memoirs of Goethe, to make out a list of his donations and good deeds, as, so many hundred thalers given to Stilling, to Hegel, to Tischbein; a lucrative place found for Professor Voss, a post under the Grand Duke for Herder, a pension for Meyer, two professors recommended to foreign universities; &c.
Voss and Davis made a joint decision to transition majority ownership to a group of investors led by Voss.
Voss has joined forces with and is backed by private investors including Avrio Capital and Lamont Brown Group.
Voss is associate professor of logistics and supply chain management at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, and he is also a member of the Arkansas Trucking Association's board of directors.
The upside was that were were able to stop at Voss due to the transportation strike.
VOSS is aimed at reducing the turnaround time for business start-ups, facilitating investors, and enhancins coordination of activities anions the resulatory authorities by enablins mutual sharing of information through a unified web portal.
Earlier, after facing various technical issues in the VOSS software,
Earlier, after facing various technical issues in the VOSS software, the SECP modified the VOSS portal for resolution of the issues, and developed the web-services for utilization by FBR and EOBI in November 2016.
Owner Paul Voss has been left feeling upset by the break-in.
Despite his interest in the 216-acre plot, Voss had a brief moment of hesitation before placing his bid when he learned that the Texas Department of Transportation was looking to build a toll road through the southern half of the county.
Voss Roberts begins by elucidating rasa as basically the "aesthetic 'tasting' of emotion" (xvii) in which an individual or a group transcends the ego and experiences the divine (2-3).