VOTECVocational Training and Employment Centre (Vietnam)
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VOTEC is preparing all materials and software updates per Cook County Clerk Elections Department specifications for first use in April 2013.
Because of recent Apple security breaches, VOTEC is proceeding more cautiously with Apple and Android and will not allow connectivity within VoteSafe during voting hours.
VOTEC is a trusted partner and caution will always be their first consideration.
This unique combination of experience and knowledge is rare and clearly separates VOTEC from other companies that don't know or understand how detail oriented and demanding the election process is.
We look forward to bringing this technology to more counties in 2012," said VOTEC CEO John Medcalf.
VEMACS and VoteSafe are trademarks of The VOTEC Corporation.
VOTEC has a strong customer base in Texas with nearly two thirds of the registered voters in the state enjoying the benefits of a VOTEC product.
We are very excited about using these proven systems from VOTEC.
VOTEC can be counted in this group because of the people who conduct the company's business.
All of us at VOTEC are pleased to have Victoria County as our new customer," said John Medcalf, chief executive officer of VOTEC.
VOTEC Corporation is a stable and innovative election software and hardware vendor that has been exclusively in the election business for over 20 years.