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There were bodies of constables with blue staves, twenty committee-men with blue scarfs, and a mob of voters with blue cockades.
Amidst the cheers of the assembled throng, the band, and the constables, and the committee-men, and the voters, and the horsemen, and the carriages, took their places--each of the two- horse vehicles being closely packed with as many gentlemen as could manage to stand upright in it; and that assigned to Mr.
Excisable articles were remarkably cheap at all the public-houses; and spring vans paraded the streets for the accommodation of voters who were seized with any temporary dizziness in the head--an epidemic which prevailed among the electors, during the contest, to a most alarming extent, and under the influence of which they might frequently be seen lying on the pavements in a state of utter insensibility.
It has become so truly an organ of the social body that by telephone we now enter into contracts, give evidence, try lawsuits, make speeches, propose marriage, confer degrees, appeal to voters, and do almost everything else that is a matter of speech.
He had no seat in Parliament himself, but he was extremely patriotic, and usually drove his voters up to the poll with his own hands.
I shall tell everybody that you are going to put up for Middlemarch on the Whig side when old Pinkerton resigns, and that Casaubon is going to help you in an underhand manner: going to bribe the voters with pamphlets, and throw open the public-houses to distribute them.
There are no estates to manage, no rents to return so much per cent upon in bad times (which is an extremely dear way of getting your name into the newspapers), no voters to become parboiled in hot water with, no agents to take the cream off the milk before it comes to table.
For instance, just now it was election time again--within five or six weeks the voters of the country would select a President; and he heard the wretches with whom he associated discussing it, and saw the streets of the city decorated with placards and banners--and what words could describe the pangs of grief and despair that shot through him?
It further showed that a total of 22, 641 registered voters are expected to participate in the exercise.
Summary: Chandigarh (Haryana) [India], Mar 6 (ANI): Haryana has nearly 6,000 voters who are either 100 years old or above, said the state's joint electoral office (JEO) Dr Inderjeet on Wednesday.
Speaking during the PLC meeting on Tuesday, principal elections officer, Mr Clifford Makhiya said IEC had not yet met the set national registration target of over 1.5 million as during the general voter registration they only registered 750 000 voters.