VOTIVisions Of The Impossible (Software Company)
VOTIVan Ooijen Technische Informatica (Dutch consultancy)
VOTIValue of Taxable Importation (Australia)
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VOTI operates a continuing care retirement community located in Venice, FL approximately 75 miles south of Tampa on Florida's Gulf Coast.
VOTI is undertaking significant capital improvements to reposition its 35-year old campus and address its increasing average age of physical plant.
In addition, VOTI plans to begin construction on the 46-unit ILUs and replacement SNF by January 2018 with a projected completion date in mid-2019.
VOTI is projected to maintain strong liquidity as measured by DCOH ranging from 464 to 538 during the next five years, favorable to the 396 DCOH Fitch 'BBB' median.
VOTI budgets conservatively and has a solid track record of meeting expectations.
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