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VOWVolcano Warning
VOWVideo of the Week (online video sharing)
VOWVoices of Women (various locations)
VOWValue of Work
VOWVolunteers for Outdoor Washington
VOWCanadian Voice of Women for Peace
VOWVirtual Office Web Site (real estate)
VOWVoice Orderwire
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In Erin Judge's Vow of Celibacy, heroine Natalie is a woman on a mission: she is abstaining from sex until she can figure out why her many partners never seem to satisfy her.
In Year Two of my vow, I realized how violent my judgmental thoughts could be, and I decided to try to go through a whole day without evaluating anything as good or bad.
People are entitled to know whether you believe the terms of the Vow are V being implemented by what is being offered.
The doctor told us that he may not pull through, and that was when one of the nurses, Tracey, suggested getting the hospital chaplain to renew our vows.
The statement said, The Vow board has unanimously resolved to recommend acceptance of the offers by all Vow shareholders .
Published by Pax Christi in 1985, the vow is based on the belief that it is possible to be transformed through the love and example of Jesus.
According to the study of 1200 Australians by InsuranceLine, couples also believe a vow to avoid flirting online should be a matrimonial promise alongside the more traditional "to love, honour and cherish.
This is why I don't like the comforting historical legend that Kol Nidre dates from the days after the expulsion from Spain, an apologetic account of the prayer which pegs its pathos to the secret Jews who were forced to vow things they'd of course regret.
In the spirit of our baptismal promise "to respect the dignity of every human being," I hope we will all embrace this solemn vow with genuine passion and integrity.
All married couples are invited to a non-denominational group vow renewal ceremony at The Water's Edge at Giovannis in Darien.
They are a modern couple and old vows must stay in past' Letty Blake, 77, of Kenilworth, said: "I think the vow is rubbish.
It would have been easier and a lot less expensive for me to simply put one VOW on our homepage, but I didn't think that would benefit our agents as much.