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VOXELVolume Element (a 3-D extension of pixel)
VOXELVolume Pixel
VOXELVolume Cell
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In marching cubes algorithm, in the same surface of voxel, there will be two possible connection means if an angular point whose value is 2 and an angular whose value is 1 are respectively located on two ends of diagonal.
3) Our predictions with FE homogenization and voxel mesh and with mean field homogenization are compared to experimental data and the FE predictions with conformal mesh obtained by Lomov (Table 7).
BOLD signal changes Talairach co-ordinates Brain region BA Voxels X Y Z Voxel T Finger tapping (right-hand) LH motor cortex BA 4 5 465 -43 -35 -21 14.
Here, the observations are random voxels inside the mask of the grains.
4 shows the magnetic field at the center of the voxel for the case of [10.
By repeating DWI with the diffusion gradient applied in 6 or more different directions, the diffusion tensor, a measure that captures the combined diffusivity in the different directions, can be computed at each voxel.
Step 4: Repeat the step 3 until no voxels satisfy the growing criterion
Since a voxel encompasses a volume ("voxel" is the contraction of "volume" and "pixel"), scientists can determine volume changes in a brain structure based on the MR image.
A combined morphological closing and size-based opening of the segmented volume removed isolated voxels or voxel islands, erroneously classified as coating due to imperfect segmentation.
Assuming that the millions of neurons in a voxel perform identically is like assuming every single ant on the National Mall crawls north at noon.
They begin by reviewing the 40-year history of the practice, then discuss such examples as the GSF voxel computational phantom family, the ADELAIDE teenage female voxel computational phantom, the University of Florida pediatric phantom series, Chinese voxel computational phantoms, the Vanderbilt University reference adult and pediatric phantom series, and physical phantoms for experimental radiation dosimetry.
The use of volumetric measures allows the determination of lengths to much less than the voxel size using materials which have x-ray properties within the range of the human body.