VP1Viral Protein 1
VP1Virion Protein 1 (virology)
VP1Viviparous-1 Gene
VP1Viral Polypeptide 1
VP1Vitelline Protein 1 (biology)
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HPeV3 infection was identified in most (44/45 [98%]) HPeV-positive samples by sequencing the VP1 region of the virus by using cDNA derived from samples of serum (n = 40), CSF (n = 3), or stool cDNA (n = 1).
Thirty acclimatized postlarvae were placed in 2-L plastic containers for each concentration of VP1 and VR1 cells.
The probe targets the large T-antigen that is 100% conserved in all known JCV genotypes as opposed to the nested PCR which targets only the variable VP1 region.
Sensitive, seminested PCR amplification of VP1 sequences for direct identification of all enterovirus serotypes from original clinical specimens.
In the present study, B19 DNA was detected in serum by PCR from VP1-VP2 common region as well as nested-PCR from VP1 unique region of B19 virus.
Figure 10 shows that Mount Parker is not visible to observers at VP2 while Victoria Peak and Mount Cameron are not visible to observers at both VP1 and VP2.
In every foot-and-mouth virus for which the genetic code has been mapped, a little three-amino-acid group appears in the same place on VP1.
All the samples had a positive polymerase chain reaction test based on the VP1 specific primers.
The entry level ADMAX SYSTEM/86 Model VP1 and the mid-level ADMAX SYSTEM/86 Model VP2 offer single port to 48 ports and are capable of handling up to 10,000 voice mail boxes and extensions.
VDPVs are isolates of Sabin OPV origin that have incorporated >6 nucleotide substitutions (Sabin2) or >10 nucleotide substitutions (Sabinl and Sabin3) in the VP1 region.
Noroviruses are genetically diverse and are divided into 6 genogroups (GI-GVI) and "30 genotypes according to comparison of VP1 sequences.
gov) searches showed that the MpBuV NS1, VP1, and VP2 proteins were closely related to those of human BuVs and the WUHARV parvovirus (E-value = 0.