VP2Viral Protein 2
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VP2 has no physical control surface and utilises Calrec's Assist software for setup and control.
One pair of specific primers was designed based on VP2 genome sequence of CHUV (online Technical Appendix Table 1, https://wwwnc.cdc.
Se evaluo la proteccion contra la enfermedad de Gumboro de una vacuna vectorizada trivalente comercial (Farmune(r)), que usa como vector al virus HVT de la enfermedad de Marek y que contiene las fracciones antigenicas de los virus de laringotraqueitis infecciosa aviar y de la enfermedad de Gumboro (VP2).
Within the hypervariable region of VP2 from residue 213 to 292, at position 249, only UPM190EP8 and its bioreactor passaged isolates as well as UPM190EP12 had an E249, while the UPM190BGMP15, its bioreactor passaged isolate and all the UPM0081 BGM-70, egg, and bioreactor passaged isolates had Q249.
Although the runoff volume in VPO, VP2 and VP4 decreased significantly in relation to PAM treatments (P2 and P4), and VPO could sufficiently decrease the runoff volume (Fig.
It was also reported that specific amino acid changes in the hypervariable region of the VP2 protein determine the cell culture adaptation and attenuation of IBD virus [3].
Una vez obtenido el material genetico se amplifico una region de 1.180 pb del gen de la proteina VP2 mediante la tecnica de RT-PCR utilizando el equipo PCR Multigene (Labnet).
Engineering of expression vector: IBDV vp2 gene was obtained from Veterinary Medicine College northeast agriculture university Harbin china.it was amplified by using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with the specified pair of forward and reverse primer synthesized by 'BoShi Sheng Wu' Company.
The VP2 gene encodes major protective epitopes, contains determinants for pathogenicity, and is highly variable among IBDV strains (Abdel-Alim and Saif, 2001) and have been used for detection of IBDV.
(D) Western blot to evaluate translation of the SINV-3 transcript by detection of viral capsid protein 2 (VP2).