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VP3Viral Protein 3
VP3Virion Protein 3
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The PCR targets partial VP2 and VP3 genes that have an expected size of 346 bp.
The VP3 is a quick-priming pump recommended for dosages of 70 to 200 mcl.
In addition, with On2's support, Xiph will integrate VP3 into their Ogg Multimedia Framework, providing a full-featured, open-source, royalty-free alternative to expensive solutions such as MPEG-4.
The Fujifilm newly Enhanced GetPix Kiosk VP3 is a self-service print station that prints digital pictures instantly via three enclosed printers.
Similarly, VP3, which clustered with the RVA/human-tc/ AUS/MG6/1993/G6P[14], was thought to be the result of zoonotic transmission (5) (Figure 2, Appendix, panel C).
For the VP3 gene segment, identities between strain Dhaka22-01 and strains KTM368, Dhaka6, and Matlab36-02 were low (range 86.
71%) nonsynonymous amino acid changes (3-3 aa in VP0 and VP3 regions).
The polyprotein precursors of this Aichi strain comprise a predicted leader protein of 170 aa and putative VP0, VP3, and VP1 proteins with lengths of 370 aa, 224 aa, and 278 aa, respectively.
Valois' line of fragrance pumps includes the industry standard VP3, and its lower profile relatives VP4 and Compact.
Rotavirus gene segments coding for structural viral proteins (VP) 1, VP2, and VP3 were amplified by reverse transcription-PCR with consensus primers (Metabion, Martinsried, Germany): VP1-F 5'GGCTATTAAAGCTGTACAATG-3' (nt 1-21), VP1-R 5'GGTCACATCTAAGCACTC-3' (nt 3302-3285), VP2-F 5'-GGCTATTAAAGGCTCAAT-3' (nt 1-18), VP2-R 5'GGTCATATCTCCACAGTGG-3' (nt 2717-2699), VP3-F 5'-GGCTATTAAAGCAATACTAG-3' (nt 1-20), VP3-R 5'-GGTCACATCATGACTAGT-3' (nt 2591-2574), and the other gene segments with primers described elsewhere (6-8).
The polyprotein of PAK5045 comprised capsid proteins VP0 (289 aa), VP3 (254 aa), and VP1 (226 aa) and nonstructural proteins 2A (149 aa), 2B (122 aa), 2C (329 aa), 3A (117 aa), 3B (20 aa), 3C (200 aa), and 3D (469 aa).