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VP3Viral Protein 3
VP3Virion Protein 3
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Based on the above review, miR-NAs can bind to some regions of EV such as 3'UTR, 5'UTR, VP1, VP3, 2C-coding region, 3D-coding region.
Se ha propuesto un segundo sitio de neutralizacion, conformado por los residuos 11 a 25 de la VP1 (TVSTEQNVPDPQVGI), 96 a 107 de la VP2 (GLLRYHTYARFG) y 110 a 121 de la VP3 (FWRGDLVFDFQV) (6,24,60), aunque este sitio se caracteriza por inducir una respuesta neutralizante debil (8).
El segmento A presenta dos marcos de lectura abiertos (uRFs); el ORF mayor codifica una poliproteina 5'-pVP2-NSVP3', que es escindida co-traduccionalmente por la proteasa no estructural (NS) o VP4, generando las proteinas estructurales VP2 y VP3, que respectivamente integran la superficie externa e interna de la capside viral; el ORF menor codifica un peptido NS conocido como VP5 el cual no forma parte del virion y ha sido implicado en la inhibicion de apoptosis, favoreciendo asi la supervivencia viral.
While our previous work established the Ntermini of each of these proteins, recognition of VP3 by antibodies generated from the predicted sequence of this capsid protein provides further confirmation of its synthesis, genome position, and mass.
Consequently, the gypsum rock mass is probably characterized by both a slow flow of the water coming from the surface along main discontinuities with a high nitrate-bearing ratio and positive redox-potential (samples in piezometers, VP3 and VC) and a slow flow of the water trapped in the fracture net of the gypsum body and in the surrounding marls with a low nitrate-bearing ratio and negative redox potential, locally intersected by quarry drifts (VBA, VBB) and karst circuit (VB).
Valois' line of fragrance pumps includes the industry standard VP3, low profile VP4 and VPC Compact[R].
However, VP3 maintains an episodic line of sight to Mount Parker, Mount Butler, and Jardine's Lookout.
Org Foundation, developers of Vorbis, the popular open-source audio codec, to be the prime source of support, distribution, and further development of VP3.
Under the agreement On2 will integrate InterTrust's DRM platform into its own streaming video architecture and into other video platforms supporting the company's VP3 compression and streaming technology.
The outer capsid contains two proteins (VP4 and VP7), whereas the intermediate layer is formed by VP6, and the inner by VP2 which encloses two other proteins VP1 and VP3, as well as the viral genome consisting of 11 segments of double-stranded RNA, the latter encoding six structural and six non-structural proteins (2,2a,3).
Given that reassortment is a major feature of orbivirus evolution (30,31), we further explored the evolutionary relationships between the 55 AHSV sequences by constructing separate maximum-likelihood trees for each of the VP1, VP2, VP3, VP4, VP5, VP6, VP7, nonstructural (NS) protein 1 (NS1), NS2, and NS3 encoding genome segments (online Technical Appendix 2 Figures 1-10).
VP1 (95 Kilo Dalton (Kd)) molecular weight is the RNA dependent RNA polymerase protein of the virus (Kibenge and Dhama, 1997), VP2 (40Kd) forms the antigenic region, responsible for the induction of neutralizing antibodies and for serotype, VP3 (32 Kd) is a group specific antigen that is recognized by non neutralizing antibodies, some of which cross react with both serotypes, VP4 (28Kd) is a non structural polypeptide involved in auto processing of the polyprotein and VP5 has a regulatory function and play a key role in virus release and dissemination (Havarstein et al.