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VP5Major Capsid Protein (Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1)
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Santi et al (10), observed no differences in the percentage of apoptosis in cells infected with recombinant strains of Spjarup serotype (Sp), including a strain that did not express VP5, suggesting that replacements or absences of certain residues of the sequence of the BH2 domain or other factor(s) of the virus could influence the development of this form of cell death.
The following access codes to the GenBank were used for the alignment and comparison of the VP5 protein of IPNV: AAK71697 VP5 Ab/E1S; AY379740 VP5 of 12.1 kDa/Sp; Q69CI1 VP5 15 Kda IPNV/Sp; AAA92630 VP5 IPNV/VR-299; P10415 Bcl2 Humana-Apoptosis regulator.
Comex tested message response time, and messages of various sizes were transmitted from each VP5 and received at the base station, where the messages were transmitted via the RS-422 interface to the HI5.
Expression and functional characterization of bluetongue virus VP5 protein: role in cellular permeabilization.
Es causada por un Avibirnavirus de la familia Birnaviridae, con un genoma compuesto por un ARN de doble cadena (Jackwood, 2009), estructurado por un segmento A que codifica para las proteinas virales VP2, VP3, VP4 y VP5, y por el segmento B que codifica para la proteina VP1 (Jackwood, 2009; Pan et al, 2009).
Validez convergente Variable Indicator Factor Robust CA CR AVE loading t-value Confianza CN1 0.786 9.288 0.936 0.936 0.710 CN2 0.862 10.706 CN3 0.881 11.110 CN4 0.854 10.549 CN5 0.837 10.214 CN6 0.831 10.109 Valor VP1 0.709 7.994 0.978 0.915 0.645 percibido VP2 0.805 9.580 VP3 0.824 9.923 VP4 0.820 9.846 VP5 0.774 9.036 VP6 0.878 10.974 Intencion IC1 0.904 11.721 0.914 0.981 0.877 de compra IC2 0.927 12.233 IC3 0.931 12.344 IC4 0.978 13.512 IC5 0.963 13.120 IC6 0.915 11.977 Nota: CA = Alfa de Cronbach, significativo >0.8; CR = Fiabilidad compuesta, significativo >0.70; AVE = Varianza extraida promedio, significativo >0.50 Fuente: Pena (2014).
Las nuevas vacunas VLP (Virus Like Particles), que se encuentran en fase de desarrollo y estudio, contienen solo las proteinas estructurales VP2, VP3, VP5 y VP7 del virus (Roy et al., 1997), y permiten utilizar proteinas VP2 de diferentes serotipos en una sola vacuna, generando asi vacunas polivalentes.
Given that reassortment is a major feature of orbivirus evolution (30,31), we further explored the evolutionary relationships between the 55 AHSV sequences by constructing separate maximum-likelihood trees for each of the VP1, VP2, VP3, VP4, VP5, VP6, VP7, nonstructural (NS) protein 1 (NS1), NS2, and NS3 encoding genome segments (online Technical Appendix 2 Figures 1-10).
Human and porcine rotaviruses could specifically interact with H antigen type 1, Lewis b antigen, or Lewis a antigen through their viral protein (VP) 8 and VP5 during the attachment phase (3,4,8).
Analysis of the roles of bluetongue virus outer capsid proteins VP2 and VP5 in determination of virus serotype.
cDNA of smaller genome segments that encode the structural proteins VP5 (segment 6), VP6 (segment 9), VP7 (segment 7), and nonstructural (NS) proteins NS1 (segment 5), NS2 (segment 8), and NS3/NS3A (segment 10) could be amplified and sequenced without the need for internal, TOV-specific primers.
Sequence comparison of the structural proteins of BAV (VP1, VP2, VP3, VP4, VP8, VP9, and VP10) (Figure 4) with those of other members of the Reoviridae have shown that VP9 and VP10 of BAV have similarities to VP8 and VP5 subunits of the outer coat protein VP4 of rotavirus A (37).