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VPAValproic Acid (anticonvulsant drug)
VPAVisual and Performing Arts (educational department)
VPAVoluntary Partnership Agreement
VPAVice President Academic
VPAVirtual Personal Assistant (various companies)
VPAVoice Pump Manager
VPAValid Printable Area
VPAVirginia Port Authority (Norfolk, VA)
VPAVirginia Press Association
VPAVirtual Population Analysis
VPAVeterans' Party of America (est. 2013)
VPAVancouver Port Authority (Canada)
VPAVietnam People's Army
VPAVertical Path Angle (aviation)
VPAVeritas Preparatory Academy (Phoenix, AZ)
VPAVaginal Pulse Amplitude
VPAVoluntary Placement Agreement
VPAVolunteer Protection Act of 1997
VPAVoter Public Access (Wisconsin)
VPAVermont Principals' Association
VPAVolume Purchase Agreement
VPAVAX Performance Advisor
VPAVictorian Preservation Association
VPAVolunteer Pilots Association
VPAValid Peripheral Address
VPAVoice Print Analysis (speech)
VPAVietnam Pepper Association
VPAVienna Programme of Action on Science and Technology for Development (UN; Vienna, Austria)
VPAVirtual Pilots Association
VPAVoice Path Assurance (telephony)
VPAVernal Pool Association (Peabody, MA)
VPAVertical Patch Antenna
VPAVancouver Public Aquarium
VPAVariable Power Amplifier
VPAVoluntary Pricing Agreement
VPAVector Potential Analysis
VPAVice President Agency
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The VPA had urged that the proposed rules be reconsidered and withdrawn.
This would be the same challenge facing OEMs if/when they were to deploy an OEM-sourced VPA. Managing this in-house requires learning, investment, competency, capacity and flexibility in the realm of cloud services.
Initially, each patient received antiepileptic monotherapy, which consisted of CZP (8 patients with 6-12 mg/d), VPA (2 patients with 16-60 mg*kg −1*day −1), LEV (5 patients with 1000-2000 mg/d) and TPM (2 patients with 100-500 mg/d).
S likely experienced a drug-drug interaction that resulted in a subtherapeutic VPA level and subsequent seizure.
Effects of VPA on CAM angiogenesis The CAMs were exposed to VPA-containing disks (1.8 and 3.6 [micro]mol/CAM) to evaluate the effects of VPA on CAM angiogenesis by counting the number of the vessel branch points, as an index of angiogenesis.
A Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) is a legally binding trade agreement between the EU and a timber-exporting country outside the EU.
The REVOX VPA System offers on-site, in-line sterilization processing or off-site contract services, including a backup service plan for on-site clients to meet unanticipated high-volume demand surges and emergency alternatives to on-site processing.
They will also be able to link multiple bank accounts with just one VPA and users can change primary account as per their requirements.
After 10 h of supportive care, the patient improved to clear consciousness despite the followed-up VPA serum level increasing to 82.2 mg/L.
"We continue to lack the ability to have extended, complete conversations with a VPA. And further proliferation of VPAs across different device categories needs to happen.
Its elimination half-life is 25-30 hours under monotherapy [8] and 60 hours approximately when combined with valproic acid (VPA) [9].