VPAAVice President for Academic Affairs
VPAAVice President for Administrative Affairs (various universities)
VPAAVisual & Performing Arts Academy
VPAAVillagers Performing Arts Alliance (Florida)
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The VPAA dance program is under the direction of Margaret Palmer and Kelli Myhre-Bahwell.
Except for the VPAA Office, the increased levels may be due to the high occupancy rates in these offices.
Figure 1 shows the CO2 trend across weeks of the RPEO, VPAA, Senior High School and Rehabilitation Science Offices.
The author was named the leader of the iPad initiative, which included a leadership team of the faculty development officer and the instructional design support specialist, who reported to the VPAA, and the help desk manager, who reported to the Director of IT.
The team settled on a two-semester structure; the first semester would focus on learning and experimentation, dubbed "mischievous exploration" by the VPAA. The work of the facilitators during the first semester would be to solve technical issues and to present a few use cases for apps and hardware.
The goal was to refute the VPAA's data, which reflected neither the fall 2005 enrollment, when there had been an increase of 200 nursing students, nor the school's many new initiatives, including the MSN program.
Chairperson positions were originally proposed, but the VPAA asked that they be changed to associate chairs.
Las tendencias a lo largo del periodo 1970-1997 del Credito Agricola Animal (CAA) y del Valor de la Produccion Agricola Animal (VPAA) presentaron un comportamiento similar a los anteriormente senalados (Grafico 3).
In violation of the 14th Amendment, that college's Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) had me evicted without due process from the building where my office was (see letter below), which, according to him, "halted complaints of alleged harassment" and "created a tolerable level of collegiality among the faculty." "Alleged harassment"?
The VPAA represented the UEP at its maiden appearance in the Japan Conference of the Association of Asian Agricultural Colleges and Universities (AAACU).
The VPAA monitors the progress of the deans against the plans and the Gantt chart of activities.
As an example, when we hired our new Provost/ VPAA, to whom I reported in fall 1996, I contacted the library directors from the two previous institutions where he worked.