VPAFVice President for Administration and Finance
VPAFVentro-Posterior Auditory Field
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(4) All six of Nguyen Van Coc's victories were made from dead astern of victims who were unaware that he was there, and fully 62 of the VPAF's 78 confirmed kills were made in fights where the winner initiated the combat from a position of nearly unbeatable advantage.
The real key to the VPAF's "success" (if running a .4:1 kill ratio can be deemed as such) lay in the fact that they were truly outstanding tacticians.
As the time came to really go to war with the VPAF, Olds warned his pilots that these pilots were not "slouches" and insisted his guys be better.
The VPAF's goal was to preserve their high value targets by selectively engaging U.S.
There are discussions on a wide range of topics, from tactics to recruiting VPAF pilots.
Looking at the photos showing these 70-year-old pensioners, one with his young grandson, it is hard to imagine them as the young, often dangerous men in the MiGs who caused so much trouble for American flight crews throughout the war, even with the limited number of fighters available to the VPAF at any one time.
Toperczer's book is full of interesting tidbits from the VPAF's side of the war.
All in all, this is a fascinating look at the VPAF's war, which leaves plenty of room for discussion on both sides.
During September, Rivet Top crews were assigned to support three Rolling Thunder raids against VPAF airfields.
Norm Nielsen, an F-4 pilot who flew with the 366th TFW out of Da Nang AB in 1967 and 1968, described the frenetic nature of Guard when he stated, "You'd hear SAM calls, you'd hear bull's eye [MiG] calls, and of course you would hear a lot of calls from guys in trouble coming back." (23) A raid on the VPAF airfield at Phuc Yen underscored the issue further--two F-105s were shot down by MiG21s because three MiG warnings broadcast by College Eye were garbled by competing C2 communications.
The author writes that Crebo's A-4 was hit by MiGs, and he even offers the name of the VPAF flight leader.
Air Force F-4Ds of Oyster flight were tracking four VPAF MiG-21s, preparing for a head-on engagement.