VPAMVendor Privilege Access Management (software)
VPAMVirtual Partner Account Manager
VPAMVisually Perfect Algebraic Method (Casio scientific calculators feature)
VPAMVincent Price Art Museum (Monterey Park, CA)
VPAMVisual Performing Arts and Media (various locations)
VPAMVariable Phase Amplitude Modulation
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The SUV is protected by the VPAM VR8 (ERV 2010) standard: steel armor is 10 millimeters thick, and bullet-proof glass is 50 millimeters wide.
Contract award notice: Supply of ballistic plate carriers vpam 6 and 9 as well as additional components (germany-hamburg: Police equipment)
in addition, the test guidelines "general testing principles for ballistic material, design and product testing" vpam apr 2006, "ballistic protective vests" bsw 2006, as of may 2009, "stab and impact protection" vpam kdiw 2004, as of may 2008, the association of inspection centers for anti-attack materials and constructions (vpam).
Contract notice: delivery of ballistic plate carriers vpam 6 and 9 as well as additional components
total quantity or scope: - lot 1 procurement of two special protected tactical suvs of the fire class vr 9 vpam brv 2009 with side impact protection according to vpam erv 2010 of the manufacturer toyota, Landcruiser 200 (gasoline), For a foreign representation of the federal republic of germany in non-european countries.
Vpam arg 2012, Rebound-proof, A2, Acoustic panels made of blown glass granules, Thickness 18mm, Incl.
Delivery order for 2,632 ballistic protective helmets of protection class vpam 3 with splinter protection visor according to the performance description.