vParVirtual Partition
VPARVirginia Peninsula Association of Realtors
VPARVisions of Peace Among Religions
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Jason Stoop, Managing Director of VPAR, said, "We are thrilled to be recognised as the best sports app by such an esteemed group of people in the sports industry.
aeWe are very excited to introduce this fantastic new software to Bahrain for the first time,E explained Jeremy Gray, sales director of VPAR.
2 is a single name CLN transaction designed to provide credit protection on the VPAR with a reference amount of CLP5,082,000,000 (USD10 million).
This partnership adds real value for our customers, who will now be able to benefit from all of the features of the VPAR app - completely free of charge - for a year.
The 2041 notes are guaranteed by VPAR and VID, while the 2019 and 2021 notes are guaranteed by VCSA and VPAR.
Ed Johnson from the R&A said, "We have always enjoyed working with VPAR and they are an integral part of the service we need to provide to our players and spectators.
As the leaders progressed a crowd had gathered in the Volvo Lounge, glued to the VPAR Live Leaderboard, a winner was needed.
The VPAR interactive game-changing technology provides players with a real time leaderboard on the golf course, in the clubhouse and live online.
Golf in the region continues to progress at an incredible pace" says Ross Bain, Principal of VPAR UAE.
The ratings of VCSA, VID and CBA have been directly linked to that of VPAR through Fitch's parent and subsidiary methodology.
VPAR Live Golf Scoring has announced the launch of an exclusive new feature that enables amateur golfers to emulate Ryder Cup Matchplay at VPAR tournaments around the world over the next week.