VPASValley Program for Aging Services (Virginia)
VPASVirginia Peninsula Astronomy/Stargazers
VPASVirgin Powder Appreciation Society (snowboarding; UK)
VPASVirtual Private Asterisk Server
VPASVermont Pension Administration System
VPASVan Puten’s Akinesia Scale
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This concept allows users to chat with organizations to get information, answer questions and transact through messaging or VPAs.
The European Union (EU) and Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) held their second round of face-to-face negotiations on a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT).
He assigned functional agencies to summarize and submit proposals of the factory to leaders of the VPAs General Staff for consideration and finding solutions.
Lieutenant General Pham Hong Huong, Vice-Chief-of-the-General Staff of the Vietnam Peoples Army (VPA), received a mission of Russian military experts at the Headquarters of the Vietnam Defense Ministry on March 15.
For his part, Major General Thet Phone expressed his impression of the VPAs development so far.
VPAs in vehicles are expected to be a hot topic at this year's CES in Las Vegas, beginning next week.
Organizations should consider this when establishing VPAs in the workplace and train the assistants to respond appropriately to aggressive language.
and VPA technologies and other wearable devices to navigate a store or public
Commercial deployments are slowly emerging invirtual personal assistants(VPAs), cars, call centres, robotics and smart devices.
"Speech-to-text applications have proliferated due to the adoption of chatbots and virtual personal assistants (VPAs) by businesses, and consumer adoption of devices with speech interactions including smartphones, gaming consoles and specifically, VPA speakers."
They combine Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for unbeatable ease of use, can be mixed and matched to play in sync or separately, and with new Alexa functionality and more VPAs on the way, they'll only get better over time," Doug Cunningham, category manager in the Bose Consumer Electronics Division, said in a statement
In addition to promoting trade in legal timber, VPAs address the causes of illegality by improving forest governance and law enforcement.