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VPBVentricular Premature Beat
VPBVerwaltungspraxis der Bundesbehörden
VPBNavy Patrol Bombing Squadron
VpBVitelline Protein B
VPBversion planning board (US DoD)
VPBVieux Pistons Bretons (French vintage vehicle club)
VPBValue Prediction Buffer
VPBVerband Privater Bauherren (German: Association of Private Builders)
VPBVirginia Parole Board (est. 1942)
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Institutionally, candidates in village elections do not decide to run but are nominated by villagers, village cadres (especially VPB cadres), or township cadres (Kennedy 2002).
Of these, 679 infants are born at VLBW (<1,500 g), and 1,487 infants are VPB (<32 gestational weeks).
The TRPVl antagonist SB366791 appeared to prevent increased sensitivity to aconitine caused by low wDE based on VPB and VT, but aconitine doses required to elicit VF and cardiac arrest after wDE were comparable to those in rats without pretreatment (Figure 2C).
A healthy heart will alternately speed up and slow down to compensate for the over- and under-filling that follows a VPB until the amount of blood filling the heart returns to normal.
While determining HRT, abnormal beats and areas of artifact, which were accepted as VPB by computer, were manually identified and excluded.
MMB, TNB, VPB, SPB and MCB from Sankarabarani riverbed are having porosity values 42.
I just read your comment about VPB 120 based on Shemya.
HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG has announced that it will be selling its private banking business and private banking related fund business in Luxembourg to VP Bank Luxembourg SA and VPB Finance SA members of the VP Bank Group.
Leao TP, da Silva AP, Macedo MCM, Imhoff S, Euclides VPB (2004) Intervalo hidrico 6timo na avaliacao de sistemas de pastejo continuo e rotacionado.
The Company's debt only increased by US$61 during the quarter, despite the investment of US$102 made to acquire the assets of VPB.
Voucher payments will be released on a per semester basis to the SHS provider where the VPB is enrolled.
In First Look at Impact of VPB, Latest Data from October 2011 Finds Average Hospital Rating Improved