VPBVerband Privater Bauherren (German: Association of Private Builders)
VPBVentricular Premature Beat
VPBVirginia Parole Board (est. 1942)
VPBVerwaltungspraxis der Bundesbehörden
VPBNavy Patrol Bombing Squadron
VPBVersion Planning Board (US DoD)
VPBVeneer Plaster Base (gypsum)
VPBVertical Plot Board (US Navy)
VPBVitelline Protein B
VPBVieux Pistons Bretons (French vintage vehicle club)
VPBValue Prediction Buffer
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Tres de los genes tempranos del VPB; E5, E6 y E7 expresados en sarcoides equinos son conocidos por tener la capacidad de transformar las celulas de normales a neoplasicas (51).
Richards's idea is to take advantage of VPB's abilities to serve as Vibrio predators in seawater by introducing the bacteria into a shellfish industry process known as depuration.
Si se hacen los mismos calculos en el contexto del modelo referendum, tomando en cuenta una DAP mensual de S/5,43 para los habitantes de la ciudad de Puno y la DAP de turistas nacionales y extranjeros ilustrados en el parrafo anterior, se obtiene un VPB de S/200.401.609,67, generando un VPN de aproximadamente S/34.192.480 y una RBC de S/1,2.
Depending on the treatment, each plot received 20 kg (VPE) or 26 kg (VPB and CP) of the material.
Reporting from both Field Units dies off by the end of 1944, but the Navy VPB squadrons continued to send reports on Japanese radar activity to Section 22.
Accordingly, the classes were grouped as follows: class 0: no VPB, class 1: uniform rare VPB (<30/s), class 2: uniform frequent VPB (>30/s), class 3: multiform VPB, class 4: repetetive VPB [4a: couplet, 4b: ventricular tachycardia].
Thirty-one subjects were diagnosed with VPB based on (a) the presence of short-lived spells of positional vertigo (<1 min) and paroxysmal positional nystagmus, which was geotropic and changed direction with either ear down, and (b) complete symptom resolution in response to barbecue maneuvers'.
Ventricular arrhythmias were present in 32% of them of which 24% had Ventricular Tachycardia (VT) and 28% had Ventricular Premature Beats (VPB).
Heart Rate Turbulence: Turbulence onset (TO) was defined as the difference between the mean of the first two sinus RR intervals after a Ventricular premature beat (VPB) and the last two sinus RR intervals before the VPB divided by the mean value of the last two sinus RR intervals before the VPB.
It was just a lucky break that, in 1944, I was assigned to Navy Squadron VPB 120 instead of our sister squadron VPB 122.
15 July 2013 - UK financial group HSBC Holdings Plc (LON:HSBA) on Monday said two Luxembourg units of its German subsidiary HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG would shed their private banking operations and related fund business to VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA and VPB Finance SA, for an undisclosed price.