VPBAVirginia Pony Breeders Association
VPBAVice President for Business Affairs
VPBAVirginia Public Building Authority
VPBAVirginia Poultry Breeders Association
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The 'AA+' rating on the VPBA bonds is based on ultimate access to general assembly appropriations; as such, the bonds are rated one notch below the commonwealth's 'AAA' Issuer Default Rating (IDR).
Si al Valor de la Produccion Bruta Agricola (VPBA) se le agrega lo que llega al pais via importaciones de productos no procesados ([IMP.sub.1]) y el Margen de transporte, almacenamiento y demas funciones de la comercializacion ([MTAC.sub.1]) correspondiente, se obtiene el Valor de la Oferta Global Agricola (VOGA).
IDR LINKAGE: The rating on the VPBA bonds is sensitive to changes in the Commonwealth's IDR, to which it is linked.
Proceeds from the current offering will be used to refinance certain outstanding VPBA bonds for debt service savings.