VPBXVirtual Private Branch EXchange
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The UC and VPBX solution, a custom-built service for the specific needs of the operator, is provided in the operator's own telco cloud.
CallRex brings a full-featured, software-only IP-based call recording solution to Covad's vPBX service.
These are made up of features of the in-house switch and the VPBX in a point-to-point environment.
It has the simplicity of a point-to-point configuration, with the routing and customer service level of a VPBX system.
After competing with all leading vendors of solutions for Centrex and VPBX Services, ECT was awarded this tender at the end of 2012 and has already delivered and integrated the complete solution.
ECT's INtellECT[R] family of products enables carriers to offer their corporate customers cloud-based VPBX, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and/or Mobile Extension (MEX) Services.