VPBXVirtual Private Branch EXchange
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ECT's INtellECT[R] family of products enables carriers to offer their corporate customers cloud-based VPBX, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and/or Mobile Extension (MEX) Services.
Currently, ECT is also conducting a proof of concept with another former European incumbent who is looking to migrate a VPBX solution which has been discontinued by the original vendor.
The AuPix VPBXs do everything an IP telephony system can, with the added dimension of video" commented John Martin, AuPix's technical director.
It has the simplicity of a point-to-point configuration, with the routing and customer service level of a VPBX system.
The VPBX SmartID(TM) feature adds customizable digital displays and verbal information about the purpose and nature of each call.
The VPBX Recording Manager feature helps Virtual PBX customers maintain and manage a library of automated greetings used to answer incoming phone calls.