VPCCVirtual PC Center (NEC Japan thin client platform)
VPCCVirginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
VPCCVice President, Corporate Communications
VPCCVirginia Peninsula Coin Club (Hampton, VA)
VPCCValley Pastoral Counseling Center (Waynesboro, VA)
VPCCVirtual Personal Computer Center (Thin Client Solution, with full PC functionality)
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The VPCC 4.0 enables a wide variety of terminals to access its Virtual Desktop through web browsers(1) without installing special connection modules.
Furthermore, the VPCC 4.0 features a newly developed linking function through the XenDesktop(R) from Citrix(R), and enables virtual desktops to be accessed using either the RDP(2) or ICA(3) connection protocol.
Therefore, the VPCC 4.0 system widely expands the selection of terminals that can access a virtual desktop, including NEC's Android(TM) based Cloud Communicators, and supports a wide variety of market needs, including the demands of telecommuting.
The Desktop Virtualization "Virtual PC Center" (VPCC) solution leverages virtualized IT infrastructure to deliver rich multimedia content to thin client devices, providing superior end-user experience and high-quality VoIP capability, hence ensuring enhanced security, TCO reduction and superior mobility & working efficiency.
EoACAyEoACAOWe have been monitoring closely the VPCC offering from NEC, ever since its inception in 2006.The latest event sponsored by NEC/INTEL and hosted by InterFrontiers in Cyprus only added to our confidence related to the technology commitment, the shared technology update and technical road map, additionally provided more certainty to our technical confidence in our Technology provider, as well as our supportive NEC Reseller in Egypt - AT&CEoACAOEoACAO added Mr Hamed.
The VPCC reportedly allows large numbers of users to work on 'virtual PCs' that are connected to a centralised server through a small terminal, the US110, that has no moving parts, consumes 77% less power than conventional PCs and can be mounted on the back of a monitor to maximise desk space.
"The NEC Fault Tolerant Server Solution and the Virtual PC Centre (VPCC) are two key pillars of the new NEC strategy.
To complement the enhanced Virtual PC Center, NEC has released the low-cost "Express5800/120Rj-2 VPCC" virtual PC server set suited to organizations looking to start small with as little as 10 users.
- Express5800/120Rj-2 VPCC, http://www.nec.co.jp/press/en/0804/0701-01.html
The VPCC and the Fault Tolerant Server will be demonstrated at the stand as well as a range of other NEC products & solutions (displays, versa, etc).
With its virtualisation (VPCC) and protection (Fault Tolerant Server) solutions, NEC Computers guarantees companies IT infrastructure continuity of service in all circumstances.