VPCRValue Package Change Request (various locations)
VPCRVirtual Parent-Child Relationship (computing)
VPCRVapor Pressure of Crude (oil density measurement)
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When a virtual machine is built on the trusted cloud computing platform, SS will establish a VPCR for this virtual machine to describe configuration and status of associated components while CM will set up a component tree which corresponds to this context.
BIOS Basic Input Output System CM Component Manager CRTM Core Root of Trust for Measurement DTMA Dynamic Trusted Measurement Agent DTSTM Dynamic Tree Style Trust Measurement Model IMA Integrity Measurement Architecture MA Measurement Agent OS Operating System PCR Platform Configuration Registers SCI System Call Interceptor SS Secure Storage TCCP Trusted Cloud Computing Platform TCG Trusted Computing Group TPM Trusted Platform Module VMI Virtual Machine Introspection VMM Virtual Machine Monitor VPCR Virtual PCR References
Para determinar a vPCR e a vMAX, os voluntarios foram submetidos a um teste crescente de esforco fisico em esteira ergometrica da marca Inbrasport[R] modelo ATL.
Tenders are invited for Contractor Services for Development, Testing and Implementation of New Features in New York State s VPCR (Vulnerable Persons Central Registry) in Siebel