VPCSVictorian Person Centred Services (Australia)
VPCSVillage Parkway Christian School (San Antonio, TX)
VPCSValley Park Community School (UK)
VPCSVertical Package Conveyor System
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First, I discuss "voluntary private cooperation," or VPC, as an alternative means (alternative to market processes) of organizing division of labor.
Aviatrix software helps organizations meet all their cloud networking requirements from VPC egress filtering and remote-user VPN to global transit VPCs and encrypted peeringusing a single architecture.
In the groups other than the C group, ventricular arrhythmias, including multi-derived VPC, a variable number of VTs with different durations and even VF, were observed during 6-15 min of ischemia.
IZOao Private Connect provides easy, hassle-free, superfast connectivity for global enterprises to Alibaba Cloud's Express Connect , which provides a reliable connection between the Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), the Internet and end-users' own networks.
As part of the peacebuilding initiative, KLPC and VPCs in the Karamoja and Acholi regions in the northern part of the country, engaged in a pragmatic peace activities, including conflict prevention and resolution initiatives, conflict situational assessment, early warning signals, the reporting of potential violence, and the retrieval of stolen or raided livestock by some conflict entrepreneurs (Tongeren, 2013b).
Through the analysis of the current research status, we know that there is a great similarity in the existing VPCs' generation methods, and their differences mainly are reflected in the acquisition and representation of landmarks and the calculation of VPCs' firing rates.
INTRODUCTION: Ventricular Bigeminy is a type of ventricular premature complex (VPC) where every normal sinus beat is followed by a ventricular ectopic.
One of the stable clones obtained by this ping pong method (12) was named as PLTK41.1 and used as virus producing cells (VPCs) in this study.
Three contracts have already been signed by the French DGA; the first one for 54 VCIs and eleven VPCs was signed in November 2000, the first three of which were delivered to the French Army in May 2008, preceding a total of 48 vehicles delivered by the end of that year.
"Enomaly aspires to be the Apache of cloud computing, providing virtual private clouds (VPCs) to enterprises by integrating enterprise IT and commercial cloud infrastructure," said William Fellows, principal analyst with The 451 Group, a technology industry analyst company focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation, in his report.