VPDCVirtual Private Data Center
VPDCVillage Peace and Development Council (Myanmar)
VPDCVasantdada Patil Dental College (Sangli, India)
VPDCVeterinary Pathology Diagnostic Centre (Netherlands)
VPDCVictorian Perinatal Data Collection (health surveillance system; Australia)
VPDCVietnamese Parents of Disabled Children
VPDCVince Parrell's Dance Centre (Ontario, Canada)
VPDCVestas Performance and Diagnostics Centre (Denmark)
VPDCVipul Dyechem, Ltd. (India)
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Information on births in 2003 at 20 hospitals was submitted to VPDC via a form generated from the hospital's electronic obstetric data collection system.
At each step there was the possibility of error: the attending midwife completed a data form for each birth; forms were reviewed by Health Information Managers (HIMs) at VPDC and relevant maternal or neonatal conditions were assigned ICD-10-AM codes; queries were sent to hospitals regarding any missing or inconsistent data; data were manually double-entered into a database; data were cleaned at the end of the calendar year and transferred to a final SPSS database (using PASW Statistics for Windows, Version 18.
These items were finalised after consultation with a midwife, a paediatrician, an obstetrician and HIMs at the VPDC.
Previous validations by VPDC have included a 1% (quasi-random) sample of records (Vagg et al.
An SPSS syntax program was written to identify the conditions of interest from the ICD-10-AM codes recorded in a number of fields on the VPDC database, and to create a new dichotomous variable for each.
Two members of VPDC staff visited each hospital, with the exception of five small rural hospitals, to abstract the items from the maternal and infant medical records onto a hard copy of the second spreadsheet.
To determine the agreement between the VPDC and the medical record for each item with dichotomous responses, sensitivity, specificity, negative predictive value (NPV) and positive predictive value (PPV) were calculated (Altman & Bland 1994a, 1994b).
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