VPDCUVictorian Perinatal Data Collection Unit (Australia)
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After three years in this role (with a few months as Acting Chief Medical Record Administrator), I actually left the VPDCU to pursue further studies in a totally unrelated field (Bachelor of Theology).
While most of this professional narrative is about my time with the VPDCU, I need to include a short snippet on the 18 months I spent as a research assistant with the Nursing Mothers' Association.
After completing my Bachelor of Theology, an opening became available for a full-time position with the VPDCU again.
My role at the VPDCU gave me many opportunities to learn all of these various packages, and provided ongoing opportunities to utilise them in my work.
Meanwhile, tasks and roles at the VPDCU continued to evolve.
Maintenance of high quality data was, and always will be, a very high priority for the VPDCU.
After a year on maternity leave, I returned to the VPDCU as (part-time) Senior Research Officer.