VPDMVirtual Product Development Management (engineering)
VPDMVice President of Management Development
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In addition to VPDM, the white paper addresses how product lifecycle management solutions must provide both in-depth support for the product development process and enable communication and collaboration across the extended enterprise.
Gartner Group believes the VPDM market is going to experience rapid growth during the next five years as manufacturers look for ways to leverage their intellectual capital in real time, instead of simply capturing design intent," said Dave Burdick, vice president of Gartner Group, a Stamford, Conn.
VPDM addresses those activities in the product and process development process where innovation and creativity are key, in order to develop and optimize new products and thus increase market size.
ENOVIAVPM is a major enabler of the digital enterprise and, in combination with ENOVIAPM which provides enterprise-level PDM functions, offers a total solution for the PDM II(1) domain encompassing both VPDM and PDM.
David Burdick, vice president of Gartner Group consultants added, "Gartner Group believes the worlds of PDM and VPDM will converge during the next several years to form the basis of a new technological foundation designed to enhance competitiveness in product development organizations.
This "hot-link" integration gives Pro/Engineer users, for the first time, integration with full-function VPDM.
The strategic partnership will begin with joint development work to tightly integrate BAIN's VPDM product, called MANTA, with Baan's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, called TRITON.