VPDSVirtual Professional Development School (various schools)
VPDSVisteon Product Development System (Visteon Corporation; Van Buren Township, MI)
VPDSVirtual Private Data Services
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In developing VPDS, ProQuest worked with seven leading academic libraries in a pilot project that successfully digitized, transcribed and indexed more than 500 items.
Hong Kong Telecom's VPDS is a fully redundant Bay Networks solution based on the award winning Versalar(TM) 5399 Remote Access Concentrator and BCN(R) routers.
Corporate customers also benefit from Hong Kong Telecom's managed VPDS because they can now receive all their dial-up traffic through a single frame relay connection.
From the outset we realized that VPDS had to integrate smoothly with our customers' existing networks," said Wan.
The company said it plans to enhance CNM capabilities for use with its future VPDS services and incorporate it or similar capabilities into other MCI data network management products, such as Integrated Network Management Service (INMS), over time according to market demand.
MCI's VPDS frame relay service is the only high-speed packet data service offered on a nationwide cell-based network platform.
MCI services available through the program will include VPDS frame relay, Switched 56/64, Switched T-1 and private line services.
Wellfleet also was selected by MCI last year to provide the gateway connections within the new cell-based data network platform MCI developed to provide its VPDS frame relay service.