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VPEVerpackungseinheit (German)
VPEVirus Protected E-Mail
VPEVisual Policy Editor
VPEVideo Port Extension
VPEVideo Processing Engine
VPEVapor Phase Epitaxy
VPEVideo Port Extensions
VPEVictoria Petroleum NL (Australia; stock symbol)
VPEVisual Programming Environment
VPEViral Propagated Eclampsia (Fringe TV Show)
VPEViolence Prevention Education (various locations)
VPEVisual Program Editor (computing)
VPEVice President of Engineering (various organizations)
VPEVice President for Education (Toastmasters)
VPEVirtual Policy Editor
VPEVoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Project Engineer (Cisco)
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Thereby he is trying to account for the restricted distribution of VPE in English, which allows VPE in finite clauses that are in subject position as in (i) but not with infinitival clauses that are in subject position as in (ii).
As already mentioned, one issue for the calculation of the VPE is renormalization.
Esta imagen de la transicion al reino celestial con la consiguiente incorporacion a la corte divina se encuentra en varios pasajes de la VPE. En <<La muerte de un monje de Cauliana>>, monasterio proximo a Merida, se transcriben las palabras pronunciadas por el religioso, quien afirma: <<Mirad, ahi fuera me aguardan los santos apostoles Pedro y Pablo, y el bienaventurado Lorenzo, archidiacono y martir, con una innumerable legion de elegidos, con los que he de volar hasta el Senor>> (38).
BizCloud VPE Addresses multi-tenancy cloud concerns by providing dedicated compute, storage and network.
In particular, Telefonica is augmenting its IP infrastructure with the deployment of virtualized Provider Edge routers (vPE) to increase its network reach, accelerate deployment of its enterprise virtual private network (VPN) services and extend its service offerings to new points of presence within Spain and to new countries.
Replacement of 110 kV oil cable systems with VPE insulated cables including all civil engineering works necessary for this, possibly in a new pipeline route.
The RACGP submission also calls for the establishment of 200 FTE intern and junior doctor training places in general practice; a pilot for voluntary patient enrolment (VPE) and coordination of care; and dedicated funding for general practice research.
Implementing agency : VPE VasE[bar]ti PEilyakapacitEis-elosztE Kft.
construction of the power plant / guide in VPE -Erdkabel, 110 kV, length 59.9 km5.
Passenger survey (counting and survey) in the transport network pforzheim-enzkreis (vpe).
Asi, se observan en chicos y chicas correlaciones significativas positivas entre la violencia de pareja ejercida (VPE) y la violencia de pareja sufrida (VPS).