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VPEVerpackungseinheit (German)
VPEVapor Phase Epitaxy
VPEVideo Port Extensions
VPEVictoria Petroleum NL (Australia; stock symbol)
VPEVisual Programming Environment
VPEViral Propagated Eclampsia (Fringe TV Show)
VPEVice President of Engineering (various organizations)
VPEVice President for Education (Toastmasters)
VPEVirtual Policy Editor
VPEVoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Project Engineer (Cisco)
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1, the A-A profile shows the cross-sectional schematic of the VPE.
No se sustento la trasparencia de los beneficios y ventajas del VPE como opcion viable para la alianza comercial, con analisis estrategicos, legales, fiscales y financieros correspondientes.
Asimismo, la validez divergente de las escalas fue confirmada por la prueba VPE (tabla 2).
VPE V, Viii, 12: <<Quumque hec agerentur, nutu Dei meritisque sancte Eolalie contigit eodem die subito sanctum Masonam cum infinita multitudine per ipsam uiam regredi ad Emeritam ciuitatem, per quam plaustra rebus eius honusta properabant>>.
vp_map(C, VPJ, VPE) :- map_dob(C, VPJ, VPE, VPJ2, VPE2), vp_map(C, VPJ2, VPE2).
The insulation is made of PVC- VPE or XLPE-insulation and the outer sheaths of PVC- or halogen-free compounds respectively.
Speaking in London this week, VPE partner Mark Frankel said, "We strongly believe that the best business model for Jones & Shipman/Holroyd is to create 'one' machine-tool business, with sites in Leicester and Rochdale (U.
Organization is in sections on UV and white light LEDs; VPE: GaN; dopants and defects; MBE: GaN; electronic devices; InN; nitrade materials for devices; poster sessions on InN, UV LED, electrical transport, nano, visible LED, sensor/detector/electronic devices, contacts/processing; contacts to HEMTs; electrical/transport properties; zinc oxide materials and devices including alloys; visible LED + LD; optical properties; bulk + HVPE; structural; poster sessions on optical properties, dopants/defects, heterostructures, structural, VPE, MBE, HVPE, bulk; nano; and heterostructures: InGaN.
5 100 Ties 0 Total 23 Productivity VPE Negative range 9 12 108 and Positive range 14 12 168 Performance Ties 0 Total 23 UTNPE Negative range 9 11.
Segun el INE, el VPE "es una estimacion del valor dentro del mercado laboral del empleo presente en cada municipio del pais.
Dion VPE 7100 resins contain less than 33% styrene monomer but also have low viscosity (300 to 550 cp, depending on grade) and excellent glass-wetting properties, according to the company.
3) is different from English VPE in that the English examples include a phonetically silent predicate whereas the German examples include an overt proform (other, more subtle differences are discussed in section 3.