VPEPVirginia Prepaid Education Program
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RTC and VPEP will also work together on the launch of products such as the VPEP for Squid Proxy Server, which optimises web delivery, and VPEP for Snort Intrusion Detection, a network intrusion detection and prevention system.
VPEP provides resource optimization software that enables the dense consolidation of multiple application instances and tenants onto a single multi-core platform, with just one copy of the operating system and one copy of each application - while delivering equal or better application performance.
This spin-out enables us to proliferate VPEP technology more quickly among a broader group of application, equipment and service provider partners.
As organizations accelerate their use of software-as-services, and IT administrators seek to reduce the cost of deploying and managing applications, they need to be able to consolidate even performance-critical applications without the complexity and performance limitations of traditional virtualization solutions," said Lora Price, Senior Director of Product Marketing at VPEP.
with increasing transparency and traceability requirements, VPEP providers can now easily collaborate with manufacturers, brands and retailers, to securely share chemical and environmental information for product development, compliance and sustainability initiatives," said TEXbase founder and CTO Joe Walkuski.