VPERVice President for External Relations
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// Vyp 'empervyi bokal/Za svobodnyi narod, /A vtoroi nash bokal--/Za deviz nosh "vpered. " // Pripev IIA poslednii bokal / Budem vse podnimat' / Za liubimuiu Rus ', / Nashu Rodinu-matT "Provedemte, druz'ia, etu noch' veselei: Studencheskaia pesnia (obrabotka A.
Rossiya, vpered, September 10, 2009, official site Kremlin.ru, http://news.kremlin.ru/news/5413 (accessed October 9, 2009).
Everywhere in downtown Vancouver you could hear "Go Canada, Go!" or "Rossiya Vpered!"("Russia, Go Foward!") I almost had this impression that Russia was hosting the Winter Games.
The list of public companies to be consolidated by Helicopters of Russia includes three helicopter producers - Ulan-Ude aviation plant (UUAZ), Kazan helicopters (KHEL) and Rostvertol (RTVL) - and a tail rotor and blade producer, Moscow Machine Building Plant Vpered (MMZV).
Here he re-established Gertsen's cyrillic press and published an almanac (1873-77) and bimonthly magazine (in 1875 and 1876): both, confusingly, appeared under the title, Vpered: ('Forward!').