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VPFVascular Permeability Factor (biology)
VPFVirtual Product Folder
VPFVector Product Format
VPFVirtual Print Fee
VPFVertical Processing Facility
VPFVilli Poni Farm (New Hampshire)
VPFVulvar Pain Foundation
VPFVictor Pinchuk Foundation (Ukraine)
VPFValue of a Prevented Fatality (Cost Benefit Analysis)
VPFVirtual People Factory (University of Florida)
VPFVirtual Private Facility
VPFVishwak Portal Framework
VPFVirtual Prototype Facility
VPFVideo Patch Facility
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The bone of contention is Screwvala's complaint with the CCI against PVR and other multiplex chains regarding the revenue earned by multiplexes from the levy of VPF.
According to VPF, the PET material withstood UV radiation of more than 5,000 hours in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892-3, as well as temperature ranges from -40[degrees]C to 160[degrees]C without any problems.
Community Housing (Vic) Ltd has also received a further $256,000 in VPF Environmentally Sustainable Housing Grants to carry out energy efficiency improvements to 98 existing social housing buildings.
Mr Mimshach Obioha, the Director, VPF Programme made the call while answering questions from newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday.
The new vertical flat pouch machine Sigpack VPF was developed for packaging powders.
Since they must overcome a pressure drop through the chillers and the system, the variable primary flow (VPF) system chilled water distribution pumps use the combined pressure drop for the buildings: 75 ft (224 kPa) for the office and 125 ft (374 kPa) for the hospital (Table 4).
Despite the daunting technological obstacles of exploring online exhibition, what separated this particular conference from most other exhibitor events is that the discussion wasn't waylaid by serious though unhelpful topics relating to exhibitor-audience and exhibitor-distributor impasse: piracy, digitisation and VPF.
(2007) evaluated the effect of training and visual performance feedback (VPF) on the positive feedback of three third-grade general education teachers.
The viscous potential flow (VPF) theory is also based on the assumption that velocity is given by the gradient of the potential function, but viscosity is nonvanishing.