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VPFVascular Permeability Factor (biology)
VPFVector Product Format
VPFVirtual Print Fee
VPFVertical Processing Facility
VPFVulvar Pain Foundation
VPFValue of a Prevented Fatality (Cost Benefit Analysis)
VPFVirtual People Factory (University of Florida)
VPFVirtual Private Facility
VPFVishwak Portal Framework
VPFVirtual Prototype Facility
VPFVideo Patch Facility
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When VPF was introduced, each teacher delivered increased positive feedback to multiple target students.
The authors state that the long distances between VPF and other early candidates in South America prohibit an inter-site comparison of their stone tool industries.
Plus, he added, many small-town theaters don't qualify for the VPF financing anyway, since they don't show enough first-run films to compensate for the expense of the digital equipment.
Generally, the VPF may be physically settled (with either the pledged shares or different shares of the subject stock) or, at the taxpayer's option, settled in cash.
VPF is a proprietary process that produces foam continuously in an air-lock chamber.
For use with the VPF Series Vacuum Generator, the vacuum pad attachment features a soft replaceable foam seal that grips smooth and semi-textured surfaces without marring.
com , added, "As pioneers of the VPF concept, MagicBricks has successfully completed two similar virtual property fairs under the India Calling brand.
Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM), the global leader in digital cinema conversion programs, is responsible for structuring and implementing the underlying VPF (virtual print fee) agreement that enables the conversion to digital cinema, as well as providing the entire administration responsibility of the VPF program.
The VPF process is a virtually zero-emissions manufacturing process that exceeds Clean Air Act requirements.
Recent public policies encouraging exhibitors to digitize their screens, including the VPF program, are taking hold and over 70% of the country s exhibitors have already joined the program.
Serge Plasch, XDC's Chief Executive Officer, said: "It's for XDC a great honour to announce our third major VPF deal in Europe.
Jansen was named CFO and VPF (a newly created position) for Lifepoint Inc.