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VPFVascular Permeability Factor (biology)
VPFVector Product Format
VPFVirtual Print Fee
VPFVertical Processing Facility
VPFVulvar Pain Foundation
VPFValue of a Prevented Fatality (Cost Benefit Analysis)
VPFVirtual People Factory (University of Florida)
VPFVirtual Private Facility
VPFVishwak Portal Framework
VPFVirtual Prototype Facility
VPFVideo Patch Facility
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The new vertical flat pouch machine Sigpack VPF was developed for packaging powders.
Despite the daunting technological obstacles of exploring online exhibition, what separated this particular conference from most other exhibitor events is that the discussion wasn't waylaid by serious though unhelpful topics relating to exhibitor-audience and exhibitor-distributor impasse: piracy, digitisation and VPF.
When VPF was introduced, each teacher delivered increased positive feedback to multiple target students.
La cuota del VPF la impuso Hollywood ya en todo el mundo para que la conversion total de las pantallas en digital se complete hacia 2015 como maximo, de lo contrario no podrian exhibir los cines las producciones de las majors porque ya filman en digital casi todas sus historias.
Plus, he added, many small-town theaters don't qualify for the VPF financing anyway, since they don't show enough first-run films to compensate for the expense of the digital equipment.
Voxbone is now able to interconnect with carriers and enterprises, as a VPF member, to purchase, sell and peer direct inbound dial (DID)/termination services across a private network.
2003-7, the IRS ruled, based on commercially reasonable facts, that a VPF was neither a common law sale nor a constructive sale of an appreciated stock position.
According to the VPF, high-oxalate foods include bananas, pears, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.
The VPF is a standard format, structure and organization for large geographic databases that are based on a georelational data model and are intended for direct use (i.
OZM-3 Characteristics Height 120 millimeters Diameter 75 millimeters Mine weight 3 kilograms Explosive weight 75 grams TNT Casing material and color Olive-green cast-iron body Fuse type Mechanized utility vehicle (MUV) series, VPF, RO-1, RO-8, and electrical and seismic firing systems NM, MVE-72, and VP-4/12/13) Sensitivity As for each fuse Detectability Yes
Designed to meet demanding military and commercial requirements, MapFusion supports interoperability among prevalent geospatial military standards, including VPF, RPF, ADRG, and DTED, as well as among popular GIS business packages from ESRI, Informix (an IBM subsidiary), Intergraph, MapInfo, ObjectFX, Oracle, and Virtual Prototypes.
It is the third Foamex VPF facility in the country and one of only six in the world.