VPHPLVehicles Per Hour Per Lane
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These detections comprise the heavy congested, moderate congested, and light congested traffic flows, which is concerned, respectively, with detection of incident in specific segment of highway, the detection of either volume threshold of 1800 vphpl or occupancy threshold of 14.8% by the loop detector in specific location of highway, and finally the detection of volume threshold of 2000 vphpl using the loop detector.
Simulated traffic condition has been free of congestion with the average volume of 1430 vphpl, 1120 vphpl, and 311 vphpl in dry, wet, and icy conditions, respectively.
The considered traffic volumes comprise 1000 vphpl to 1800 vphpl, describing the detected volume of the traffic by the closest loop detector prior to incident at the time of incident occurrence.