VPIRGVermont Public Interest Research Group
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Paul Burns, executive director of VPIRG, a leading opponent of the campaign to kill the bottle bill, says the bill is likely to be revised before being taken up by the state legislature in early 2011, but "I'm sure it will still contain the repeal of our most successful recycling campaign, which is the bottle bill.
MacLean, who acknowledged that his bottler clients hate bottle bills, says he would have wanted to sit down with VPIRG to iron out a workable program, but"they refused to work with us." Meanwhile, he says, the national beverage industry is looking at Vermont as a model for the rest of the country.
VPIRG's research indicates that children and adults using polymer clays may be exposed to phthalates at harmful levels.
According to VPIRG, transportation-related emissions account for approximately 55 percent of Vermont's carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution, with suburban commuters in the greater Burlington area responsible for approximately two-and-one-half times as much CO2 as city residents.