VPISVantage Point Internet Services
VPISVendor Pay Inquiry System (DFAS)
VPISVillage Preservation and Improvement Society (est. 1885; Falls Church, VA)
VPISVendor Print Index and Schedule
VPISVeterinary Professional Insurance Society (New Zealand)
VPISVice President of Information Systems (various organizations)
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All pain scores showed reduced mean values in the test group, except VPIS at 48hours (p<0.05).
Descriptive statistics were employed to estimate the mean and interproximal gingival indices (GI; IGI), gingival bleeding index (GBI), overall gingival inflammation prevalence, and severity; the overall average for mean and interproximal visible dental plaque indices (VPI; IVPI) and calculus index were calculated, with 95% confidence intervals.
An alternative to the VPI strategy is the combination of NEP inhibition with angiotensin receptor blockade (27).
Recently, an innovative approach has been proposed for 3D depth measurement [27] with the optimum self-similarity between the extracted VPIs was exploited to predict a best match score for a set of feature-edge blocks for the matching and corresponding process.
Mr Green said the VPIS database has recorded 55 cases where the outcome of treatment is known.
VPI is one company that specializes in packaging these complex products, and Michael Daum, director of sales and marketing, notes the continuous refinement in formulation as well as in terminology.
The VPIS was formed in 1992 by both the Leeds and London branches of the National Poisons Information Service.
** Information visible online in MOCAS or on MOCAS reports the next day, and on VPIS for the vendor.
That is why all of the executives at Wal-Mart have VPIs, or volume-producing items.
Omapatrilat is an investigational drug in a new class of cardiovascular medications, called vasopeptidase inhibitors (VPIs), which simultaneously inhibits two key enzymes that regulate heart function and blood pressure -- neutral endopeptidase (NEP) and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE).
statutrn orgn castnka predlo vpis z obchodnho rejstrku, zstupce psemn zmocnen statutrnho orgnu castnka, apod.).
Being merchants is part of that culture, and another longstanding tradition at annual meetings is for the company's top executives to try to one-up one another in the promotion of their volume producing items, or VPIs.