VPITVice President for Information Technology
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Tenders are invited for Copper Wound Ballast, 400 Watts, Open Construction, Vpit Type With Tappings For Common, 220V And 240V, Suitable For 400W Mh And Hpsv Hid Lamps And Working On 230V Ac, 50Hz Supply.
Tenders are invited for Open Construction Heavy Duty Vpit Copper Ballast 400 Watt For Metal Halide Luminaries.
Tenders are invited for Enquiry for supply of vpit hpsv copper ballast and lamps at 3x105 mw thps, mppgcl, sirmour
Quotation are invited for Supply of electrical materials 4% 36 W fluorescent Tube light mpton/ Bajaj / Osram / Philips),36/40W Starter for FTL (Crompton / Bajaj / Philips),36/40W VPIT ballast for FTL (Crompton / Bajaj / Osram / Philips),2x28W Electronic BALLAST for T5 FTL (Crompton / Bajaj / Philips),2x36/40W Electronic BALLAST for FTL (Crompton / Bajaj / Philips)
Tenders are invited for Eco Box Type 28W T5 Electronic Ftl Luminaire Wired With Vpit Copper Ballast Or Elegantly Designed Energy Efficient Electronic Ballast P.F And Gt .90 Box Luminaire Made From Crca Steel Sheet Pretreated In 8 Tank Proccess For Decreasing Phosphating And Passivation And White Powder Coated.Make-Bajaj, Havells,Philips.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of stores, "Ballast copper wound (VPIT) 18/20 Watt for FTL, Make : Philips/C&S/Havells