VPJVisual Processing Japan
VPJVerband Polnischsprachiger Juristen (German: Association of Polish Lawyers)
VPJVideo Poker Junkie
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vp_map(C, VPJ, VPE) :- map_dob(C, VPJ, VPE, VPJ2, VPE2), vp_map(C, VPJ2, VPE2).
map_dob looks for a subconstituent with category dob in VPJ and tries to derive a transfer rule to produce the corresponding translation in VPE.
map_dob(_, VPJ, VPE, VPJ2, VPE2) :- map_default(dob, VPJ, VPE, VPJ2, VPE2).
According to VPJ president Hiroaki Mimura, "The digital content revolution in Japan has rapidly accelerated demand for personalized communications delivered instantly.
We are pleased to welcome VPJ as the latest Pageflex Solutions Partner," states Charles Ying, president and CEO of Pageflex.