VPLPVan Peteghem Lauriot Prevost (French yacht design company)
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Geo-sequestration of carbon dioxide produced in the process is also proposed so that the VPLP will have lower emissions than a stand-alone 500 MW combined cycle natural gas-fired generating station.
If the project goes forward as envisaged, the hydrocarbon potential corresponding to Syntroleum's undivided 20 percent interest in the VPLP coal resource would be equivalent to approximately 400 million barrels," according to Kenneth Agee, Syntroleum's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
APEL is presently undertaking feasibility studies for the VPLP to evaluate the project's bankability.
First tried on that regular testing ground--the Mini Transats--the VPLP & Verdier-designed 60-footer uses upcurved foils to generate lift and therefore reduce the hull's wetted area.
2] Keel type: Canting Builder: CDK Technologies Design: VPLP & Guillaume Verdier Price: POA