VPMAVice President of Medical Affairs
VPMAVirginia Podiatric Medical Association (est. 1912)
VPMAVeterinary Practice Management Association
VPMAVirginia Pest Management Association (Fredericksburg, VA)
VPMAVice President of Multicultural Affairs (Binghamton University; New York)
VPMAVirtually Parallel Machine Architecture (programming paradigm)
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Every CMO, VPMA and medical director should develop his skills at collegial intervention, recognizing it as an important first step in managing the disruptive physician.
This attached a face and personality to the VPMA role and planted the seeds for the relationships I would enjoy for the remainder of my time there.
Most individuals have little knowledge of the day-to-day responsibilities of a CMO or VPMA. It is helpful to get input from others who now serve or have served in this role.
A CMO or VPMA position is considered a high-level executive position for any organization.
He will assist the VPMA in extending and improving systems to provide feedback to participating providers in order to improve the delivery of quality care to QualChoice members.
More than ever before, these candidates are physicians--and not just for the traditional VPMA or CMO roles.
Invariably, they ask "What type of doctor are you?" The question both amuses and bemuses me I'm a full time physician executive, and CMO and VPMA of a hospital.
I always start by telling people, doctors and laymen alike, that I'm an infectious diseases specialist (after all, I worked hard for those board certifications) but that I now work full-time in hospital administration as a VPMA. I then explain that it is a jack-of-all-trades job and give a brief glimpse at what I do.
During this preliminary period, the chief medical officer (CMO), vice president of medical affairs (VPMA), or his/her designees should ascertain information about patient and the family interactions during the hospital course.
Examined closely, many of their prior positions (VPMA, GMO, department chair, etc.) were fundamentally focused on operational effectiveness.
Jonathan Weisul, MD, is the vice president of medical affairs (VPMA) and chief medical officer (CMO) at Community Medical Center in Missoula, Mont.
If you go back prior to the 90s, most of the physician leaders in ACPE had relatively traditional roles, such as medical directors or VPMAs. Now we have physicians who are entrepreneurial, who are in start-up companies, who are in technology, venture capital, physicians who are CEOs.