VPMSVermont Prescription Monitoring System (Vermont Department of Health; Burlington, VT)
VPMSVoice Portal Management System (Avaya)
VPMSVendor Project Management System (software)
VPMSVice President of Membership Services
VPMSValley Park Middle School (Toronto, ON, Canada)
VPMSVisual Product Modeling System (CSC)
VPMSMedium Patrol Squadron (US Navy)
VPMSVikhe Patil Memorial School (Pune, India)
VPMSVersuchspersonenmanagementsystem (German: Management System for Subjects to Experimental Studies; University of Vienna, Austria)
VPMSVile Parle Mahila Sangh (Vile Parle, Mumbai, India schools)
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The problem was scale: Samsung needed many more fixtures than VPMS could deliver.
The rally was led by VPMS Convenor Sorath Lohar, Sassui Lohar, Tanveer Areejo, Shazia Chandio and Taj Joyo.
* Rebuilt 3RMs and VPMs shall be brought into compliance with this standard before the equipment is placed in-service.
With VPMs emphasis on data integrity and regulatory compliance, data transfers to and from Vision instruments are validated by local network protocols; test reports are documented with dual electronic signatures and automatically archived; and an extensive audit trail records all changes to protocols and user permissions.
From the VPMS, Pebble Beach Marina brings the content required for transmission and stores it on the Omneon servers for playout.
Even though VPMS had been named a National School of Character in 2008, that has not meant we are resting on our laurels.
The Vermont Prescription Monitoring System (VPMS) tracks the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances--those drugs most likely to lead to abuse, addiction or patient harm if they are not used properly.
Friday, November 17th was the first meeting of the Vermont Prescription Monitoring System (VPMS) advisory group.
IT - Invitation to Bid (ITB): Virtual Perimeter Monitoring System (VPMS) Upgrades at Hagerstown Regional Airport
With an optional integration to a MAM system, such as VPMS from arvato Systems, additional workflow control, data sharing, access control, and other advanced functions are also available.
Development of a recording system for video delivery for on-demand distribution, and software maintenance and support (Change Request / extension to a contract for the supply, installation, configuration and development of VPMS).
The entire system was transformed to a file-based operation with the adoption of a Video Production Management System (VPMS) from Arvato Systems for media asset management (MAM).