VPMiVirtual Program Management Internet (Virtual Communications Services, LLC)
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Today VCS offers the VPMi as both an installed and a hosted ASP product.
VPMI is the leading supplier of Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Castor derivatives and Citric Acid Esters to the personal care market.
We realized that offering our Enterprise VPMi project management software to charities for free is a new way to reach out to communities across the country by helping the charities that serve them.
The VPMi Standard Edition includes the following sections:
To learn more about the new VPMi Standard Edition, visit the VCS website at www.
Through their web-based VPMi software, everyone in an organization can see all related projects and team collaboration information at a glance.
The Enterprise VPMi minimizes costs through web-based deployment and fixed one-time per-server pricing that eliminates per-user charges, annual fees, maintenance contracts and other add-ons.
The VPMi is designed to be completely customizable and is delivered to the client's server(s) with all the applicable source code and an unlimited use / unlimited time corporate server license.
The Kmart VPMI will raise funds for cancer programs at Henry Ford Health System.
The Kmart VPMI for HFHS has expanded its program this year to include exhibitions by Nicklaus and Lopez.