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VPNVirtual Private Network
VPNVirtual Page Number (memory architecture)
VPNVertical Pattern Noise (digital camera sensors)
VPNVorgangspfeil-Netzplan (German)
VPNVoice Product Net
VPNVirtual Path Number (telecommunications)
VPNVolunteer Physicians Network
VPNVirtual Productions Network
VPNVendor Part Number
VPNVentral Posterior Nucleus (somatosensory relay nucleus in thalamus of the brain)
VPNVerace Pizza Napoletana (Italian: Genuine Pizza Association)
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This type of VPN is an overlay of point-to-point tunnels on top of an existing IP network.
Figure 1 is a simple example of an IPSec VPN tunnel between two sites.
Users initiating a VPN connection can now be required to have the firewall enabled before a connection is established at the head-end device, providing critical infrastructure protection for networks that support remote access VPNs.
The enhancements to the Cisco VPN Client software and Cisco VPN 3002 Hardware Client provide extensive, integrated end-point security capabilities critical to remote access VPN deployments.
At a minimum, a VPN requires two PCs, with VPN software that is connected to the Internet.
One or both sides of a secure VPN connection can be a local area network.
Fueling these sales is an impressive list of VPN virtues.
It's possible to overcome the mutually exclusive features of firewalls and VPNs, but to do so requires an understanding of the underlying challenges and standards that shape VPN technology.
The evolution of IP-based telecom networks enables mobile carriers to offer secure mobile VPN solutions to enterprise users," said Bill Anderson, vice president, encryption products, SafeNet.
Advanced Roaming: Session continuation and credential caching enables automatic re-connection without re-entering user and security credentials to preserve the VPN session and productivity.
Check Point VPN-1 Power is the industry's first integrated firewall, VPN and intrusion prevention solution that delivers the high performance needed to protect large enterprise, high-traffic networks.
Additionally, VPN-1 UTM delivers both IPSec and SSL VPN functionality to provide a simple and flexible way to connect remote sites and users.