VPODVerbandes des Personals Öffentlicher Dienste
VPODVoice Priority Over Data
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Tracey Gothard, play specialist at the Great North Childrens Hospital at <Bthe RVI, playing on the new 3D VPOD pain distraction unit with patient Jaeden Jeffers, six Emily Carey
The vPod Cube, which is comparable in size to a closet, uses telephony and videoconferencing services from Cisco Systems.
The vPod is insulated to be soundproof and can even be equipped with sensors that actively monitor and make sure the doors are shut tight when the agent is handling calls that could involve sensitive customer information.
A few vPods have been tested at Xerox call centers.
Video sharing sites all enable the diffusion of content, but few of them provide users with the possibility of downloading their favourite videos onto hard disk as easily as Vpod.tv, which offers different video formats (flash, mp4, 3gp, etc.).
She said: "The VPOD relaxes the child, which means that if they are properly distracted, the procedures carried out by the medical staff can be less traumatic.
The VPOD is used to relax youngsters going under anaesthetic prior to the operating theatre and in other clinics.
"I'm working with The Children's Foundation and the creators of the VPOD to see if we can bring the benefits of this wonderful system to our community of hospitals.
"With this additional technology in place, we are expecting to add post trauma treatment to the VPOD features."
WORKING WELL Skye Logan uses the VPOD unit with Victoria Mitchinson.
IMPRESSED Jimmy Osmond promoting VPOD technology to The Children's Miracle Network in Disneyland