VPONVirtual Private Optical Network (Lucent)
VPONVideo Picture on Net (remote video web server)
VPONVirtual Personal Overlay Network
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His own methods involve "exacte triall, and perfect experiments," "experience, reason, and demonstration." Too often, he writes, scholars are lost "amongest their books"; they "imagine greate matters, and sette doune their farfetcht conceiptes in faire shewe." They expect lowly mechanics to "deliuer vnto them their knowledge and conceiptes, that they might florishe vpon them, and applie them at their pleasures." The truth is that there are "in this lande diuers Mechanicians" who are perfectly capable in the arts of "Geometricall demonstration, and Arithmeticall Calculation," and "can applie them to their seuerall purposes, as effectually and more redily, then those that would most condemne them." (44)
One valiantly stept out vpon the Stage And would teare downe the Hangings in his rage.
Affected ignorance is the leprosie in the head, which makes a man undoubtedly uncleane, and utterly to be excluded" (A brief commentary or exposition vpon the Gospel according to St John, 1646: 6, 17).
(65) Crashaw, 'Vpon Ford's two Tragedyes Loves Sacrifice and The Broken Heart', in Steps to the Temple, p.
And sharpe rebuke, for being ouer bold; Saying it was to Knight vnseemely shame, Vpon a recluse Virgin to lay hold, That vnto Venus seruices was sold.
In the period from 1530 to 1537, only two other London printers put their names to works by Tyndale: James Nycolson in 1536, who printed The Parable of the Wicked Mammon, (33) and Robert Redman, who printed three editions of An Exposycyon vpon...
(35) for thocht a wickit man (as sayis Ezechiell) beget a sone, zit gif he feare and commit na sic wickitnes, his Fatheris impietie sall not be laid to his charge; bot gif he follow his Fatheris euill exampill, then will the Lord visite the iniquitie of the Father vpon the sone.
In the jests about John in the Hospital recounted in Foole vpon Foole, Armin shows patient reactions to John's inadvertent transgressions, even when John's actions cause substantial irritation or financial loss to others.
The seuen and twentieth of August, I entred vpon it, and in the name of the Merchants Aduenturers of Bristoll, tooke possession of it, to his Maiesties vse; naming it, The New South-west Principalitie of Wales.
we begynne wth A prayer, after reade some one or tow chapters of the Bible gyve the sence thereof, and conferr vpon the same, that done we lay aside oure bookes, and after a solemne prayer made by the .1.
The current consensus, after all, is that these are "Kynges games, as it were stage playes, and for the more part plaied vpon scafoldes.
In the prologue of this lengthy retelling of Boccaccio's De Casibus Virorum Illustrium, Lydgate introduces an extensive homage to 'my maistir Chaucer', which lists several of Chaucer's literary accomplishments: it opens with stanzas on 'Troilus & Cresseide', 'Boeces book, The Consolacioun', and 'a tretis, ful noble & off gret pris/ Vpon thastlabre' (Lydgate 1924-27, 1: 8-9).