VPPVoluntary Protection Program (OSHA)
VPPVehicle Purchase Protection (eBay Motors)
VPPVirtual Pivot Point (mountain bike rear suspension)
VPPVelocity Prediction Program (to predict sail boat performance)
VPPVirtual Presence Post (low but formal level of US diplomatic engagement)
VPPVirtual Power Plant (energy production)
VPPVolumetric Production Payment
VPPViolence Prevention Program
VPPVirtual Presence Protocol
VPPVolts Peak to Peak
VPPVXI Plug & Play
VPPVegetable Protein Product
VPPVisual Passage Planner
VPPValuable Preselling Proposition (internet marketing)
VPPValue Payable Post (India & Pakistan)
VPPPhotographic Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
VPPVacaville Psychiatric Program (California, USA)
VPPVariable Pay Program (bonus program)
VPPVice President for Programming
VPPVermont Professional Photographers
VPPVoluntary Prevention Program
VPPPatrol Squadron (Photographic) (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
VPPVoltage Point to Point
VPPVariable Pitch Propellor
VPPValue Predictability Pattern
VPPVolume Pricing Plan
VPPVertical Pinpoint
VPPViolence Protection Program
VPPVertigo Performance Products (toy car manufacturers)
VPPVendor Performance Program
VPPVirtual Path Partitioning
VPPVirtual Pokemon Pet (gaming)
VPPVolume Purchasing Program (various companies)
VPPViscous Plastic Processing (ceramics)
VPPVehicle Program Planning
VPPVirtual Performance Parts (gaming)
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Recently, members of the VPP Man team visited potential student participants of U.
The intent behind VPP, therefore, is to provide recognition to employers that successfully protect their employees from workplace injuries and illnesses through the utilization of sophisticated management systems.
Through the VPP, management, labor and OSHA establish cooperative relationships at workplaces that have implemented comprehensive safety and health management systems.
Companies that successfully obtain the VPP Star rating often receive cost reductions in their workers' compensation expenses as a result of fewer accidents as well as experience positive changes in company culture and attitudes toward safety and health, and injury rates lower than other companies in their industry.
We look forward to working closely with OSHA on its VPP efforts for construction and expanding other partnership efforts that will formalize the relationships across the country with our chapters and companies who strive every day to make our industry safer.
The biggest hurdle, according to Quadrant safety manager Holly Rainwater, is that VPP Star recognition typically is given to workplaces that are centralized, whereas residential construction is anything but.
The VPP is awarded to corporate safety programs that enforce proper OSHA safety procedures to ensure jobsite safety.
VPP companies will mentor the candidates by modeling excellence, answering questions, and helping the small companies complete the application form to participate.
VPP can be configured to work with any Internet mail server to provide automatic scanning and disinfection of email messages and attachments, which removes potentially damaging viruses before they enter (or leave) the user's system.
The VPP is an asynchronous transfer mode adaptation layer 2 (AAL-2) co-processor designed to work with Lucent's Fast Pattern Processor and Routing Switch Processor.
The revision of the 18-year-old program also makes VPP criteria conform more closely with OSHA's voluntary Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines.
com/research/lxbtjq/health_and_safety) has announced the addition of the Updated "Health & Safety Management Systems: A Complete Guide to OSHAS and VPP Implementation" subscription to their offering.