VPPAVirginia Public Procurement Act
VPPAVideo Privacy Protection Act of 1988
VPPAVariable Polarity Plasma Arc
VPPAVirginia Professional Photographers Association
VPPAViva Piñata Party Animals (game)
VPPAVice President of Public Affairs
VPPAVirtual Process Planning for Assembly
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statutes analogous to the SCA, (63) the VPPA, (64) and the DPPA, (65) as
passed the VPPA and the DPPA, states presumably could have regulated the
that the VPPA barred them from disclosing the information, but the court
For statutes tracking the structure of the VPPA, see MINN.
for the Federal VPPA now than it did before, since brick-and-mortar
have already examined the VPPA and noted that it smoothly made the
confront the VPPA if it is to be applied to digital media that no longer
146) AS an example in the privacy area, the VPPA demonstrates
Immediately before the passage of the VPPA, Judge Bork had been
Congress's rapid enactment of the VPPA was an exercise in
Bond proceeds together with available cash, and the VPPA severance payment will refund all of the agency's outstanding series 1993A and series 1993B Bonds, and pay the issuance costs of the series 2002 Bonds.
Concurrent with this financing VPPA will no longer be member of SRMPA.