VPPOVšeobecnými Pojistnými Podmínkami
VPPOViet Pride Peace Out
VPPOVictorian Professional Program Online (Australia)
VPPOVernon Parish Post Offices
VPPOVice President of Pile Operations
VPPOVictoria Park Plaza Operator Ltd
VPPOVice President of Plant Operations
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This city aboue all other is most worthy to bee admired, as being singular by her selfe, and brooking no comparison with any other....But onely this being seated in the middle of waters, hath not any thing vppo the earth, to which it may be resembled, the rare situation thereof being such, that it inioyeth both the commodities of the water, and the pleasures of the land, secure by being not seated vpon land, fro land assaults, and free by not being founded in the depthes of the sea, from maritime violence.
(Aelred of Rievaulx's De institutione inclusarum a 1450; my emphasis) (ii) <shytt>: & [y.sup.e] Lorde SHYTT the dore vppo him And the floud came .XL.