VPPSVAIO (Visual Audio Intelligence Organiser) Professional Premium Service (Sony)
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This way, a VPP can deliver the same service and trade on the same markets as large central power plants or industrial consumers.
The trial will focus on the capacity of VPPs to deliver energy and keep the grid stable, and AEMO will engage with other virtual power plant trials already underway around Australia.
By the north interfaces of SDN-enabled framework, VPPs can logically abstract and integrate distributed utility resources in different microgrids, such as DGs, storage devices, and controllable loads, in order to realize the self-governed management and optimization towards local resources [17] without affecting each other.
McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing's Riceville, Iowa, facility (Iowa Contract Fabricators) has been designated a STAR worksite by the Iowa Occupational Safety & Health Administration Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).
(13.) This is hardly possible for small operators outside of VPPs, since they lack the required trading capabilities.
The VPPS is a physician administrator who is the expert on the HR processes for the organization.
In a study, Southampton researchers promote the formation of "cooperative" VPPs using intelligent and multi-agent software systems.
The Village Pay Phones (VPP) are owned by women living in rural areas of Bangladesh.
VPPs are virtual only in that they do not involve a permanent physical diplomatic presence.
"The VPP Izmir site is the first of several VPPs the U.S.
After more than two years of intensive evaluations involving more than ten suppliers, Alenia Aeronautica selected MSC.Software to implement the Virtual and Physical Prototype Simulation (VPPS) portion of the project by the end of 2009.
"Virtual Presence Posts" (VPPs) are Internet sites that substitute for a U.S.