VPPSVAIO (Visual Audio Intelligence Organiser) Professional Premium Service (Sony)
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The position of the VPPS can be filled by a physician of any specialty, but the crucial characteristic is an interest in the human resources functions and processes of medical group development.
The EMD is the strategist working with the governing body and interfacing with the larger health system (corporate); the VPPS is tactical deploying and improving processes to achieve the strategy--and typically reports to the EMD.
To assess the reliability of the VPPS and the WAI in the current investigation, we computed the intraclass correlation of their composite ratings (see Table 2) because composite ratings were used to predict outcome (Tinsley & Weiss, 1975).
However, some might speculate that other scales in the VPPS (that is, patient participation, patient exploration, patient psychic distress, patient dependency, therapist exploration) also may affect outcome.
Third, because the same individuals did the ratings of the VPPS and the WAI, there could have been a response bias--that is, a rater's judgment on one scale could have influenced his or her judgment on another scale.
VPPS = Vanderbilt Psychotherapeutic Process Scales (Suh, Strupp, & O'Malley, 1986).
The VPPS is a type of content analysis (Suh, Strupp, & O'Malley, 1986) that reflects a postmodern emphasis on dyadic dialogue.
The VPPS was developed over a ten-year period at Vanderbilt University as a part of the Vanderbilt Psychotherapy Research Project.
The VPPS has been used with videotapes, audiotapes and transcripts.
The VPPS is designed for use by external observers such as teachers, supervisors, colleagues, fellow students and clients.
Consequently, although VPPS was "developed from the general assumptions of psychotherapy as an interpersonal process, it is intended to be largely `neutral' with respect to any particular theory, and applicable to a wide range of therapeutic interactions" (O'Malley, Suh, & Strupp, 1983, p.
In classroom use the VPPS may provide a focal framework and structure upon which the student can examine the interpersonal context of the therapeutic relationship.