VPRAVirginia Public Records Act
VPRAVan Public Relations Adviesbureaus (Dutch: Public Relations Consultants; trade association)
VPRAVolume-Pressure Response Assessment
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Like the VPRA, this risk assessment is an example of a Product Pathway analysis.
A VPRA spokesman said: "We sought to establish the status of the woods following comments on Twitter about the possibility of a second school for Ingleby Barwick encroaching upon them.
Please contact the local community police on 01642 302930 or visit the VPRA website www.
ON BEHALF OF MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE, VPRA I WANT to get matters like the Village Park vandalism on to the town council agenda to see if we can legally offer a reward for information leading to a successful prosecution.
The VPRA spokesman said the Bowls Club burglary took place between 5pm and 6pm on Friday, involving the intruders cutting holes into the fencing to gain access.
Residents who have thrown branches and garden waste over their fences into the park which provided bonfire materials will be dealt with by CFYA who operate a zero tolerance in respect of such behaviour with full support of the VPRA.
The VPRA more than adequately fits into this mould from its In Bloom work (remember they have to water and maintain the gardens they have created along Thornaby Road) to the work they have done with us residents, police and enforcement teams to crush anti-social behaviour.
I live in the VPRA area, and near to one of their committee, who has even been on the receiving end of personal abuse.
I WOULD like to ask B Stevens what the VPRA have claimed to have done that is not correct.
I would like to see praise given to those hard working councillors who, behind the scenes, are the forces pushing these things without seeking publicity for their work, unlike the VPRA.
Can I once again turn to OUR local paper the Evening Gazette to pass on thanks to everyone who helped the Village Park Residents' Association (VPRA) to run our Sponsored Walk Litter-Pick-a-Thon, around the VPRA part of Thornaby, as part of Red Nose Day.
VPRA chiefs are well aware that the site is the ideal way of allowing a community to discuss a topic of local interest, anything from a controversial planning application to a parking row.