VPRAVirginia Public Records Act
VPRAVan Public Relations Adviesbureaus (Dutch: Public Relations Consultants; trade association)
VPRAVolume-Pressure Response Assessment
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The VPRA spokesperson added: "People have been seen in the area with crossbows and bows, supposedly hunting.
Like the VPRA, this risk assessment is an example of a Product Pathway analysis.
Vpra 487 takes pain to justify the use of the plural bhratarah with the maxim vyaktyabhiprayena jatyabhiprayena ca bahuvacanaikavacane, and concludes: ekaputrasya yavan bhagas tadaradhabhagam sudraputra labhante.
VPRA said it contacted Mr Wharton after general concerns were expressed by local people over the future of the woods.
Please contact the local community police on 01642 302930 or visit the VPRA website www.vpra.org.uk and follow the link to email the group and we will pass information on.
"The people who do this kind of thing are a mindless minority." The VPRA spokesman said the Bowls Club burglary took place between 5pm and 6pm on Friday, involving the intruders cutting holes into the fencing to gain access.
Residents who have thrown branches and garden waste over their fences into the park which provided bonfire materials will be dealt with by CFYA who operate a zero tolerance in respect of such behaviour with full support of the VPRA.
ANGER: VPRA members, from left, Carol Adams, Peter Brennan, Marty Hodgson and Stewart Featherstone survey the damage done with paint, left, and we tell of the earlier attack at Village Park, far left Main picture by PETER REIMANN
CAN I thank the residents and volunteers who worked to help the VPRA win both a Care for Your Area Commendation for working to make the VPRA area (Lanehouse Road to Bader Avenue - Clarendon Road to the Tees) a more pleasant place to live in, and the Northumbria in Bloom Merit Award for this same area, for drawing elements of the community - from children to pensioners - into participating in enhancing the area we call home.
WITH reference to the letter from B Stevens of Thornaby, concerning the VPRA or Village Park Residents' Association, and a belief that the residents' association is in some way claiming the responsibility for the work of the local councillors, in one word - "
I WAS shocked at the letter from B Stevens from Thornaby who savaged the VPRA for their approach to the work they perform in the community.
I READ your letters page daily and what amazes me is that sometimes, and quite often in this case, you allow letters from a community organisation, in this case the so-called VPRA in Thornaby, which though praising certain officers and people that I presume are a part of their organisation, they seem to detract from the real individuals that do deserve praise.