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VPROVariable-Phase Ring Oscillator
VPROVrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep
VPROVENUS (Vegetation and Environment Nexus) Professional (database program)
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Users can optionally upgrade from the standard high-performance Intel Core i7-4800MQ vPro or i5-4300M vPro to a custom-made configuration featuring the even higher-performance Intel Core i7-4900MQ vPro Processor or i7-4600M vPro Processor CPUs.
However, the Core vPro processors go a step further by embedding security into the silicon, providing hardware-level protection for e-banking, e-commerce, virtual private networks and other secure transactions.
SecureDrive Client Edition manages encryption for standalone PCs, and SecureDrive Enterprise Edition allows centralized manageability including integration with the current OmniPass Management Console and third-party management consoles supporting Intel vPro Technology.
vPro with active management technology and the latest hardware security standard.
The only example of Holleman's work for television included in the show, Interieurs was broadcast in Holland by VPRO TV, which also aired Holleman's soap opera Driving Miss Palmen, 2001 (cowritten with Lernert Engelberts).
Hilversum's Media Park can boast at least two ironically wacky contributions by acronym-loving funsters MVRDV (the VPRO headquarters, AR March 1999, and the RVU building), but van Velsen's scheme is more thoughtful and restrained, as befits its role as the sober media monitor.
Then they got a letter from a Dutch TV company called VPRO saying they had found the Thomas the Tank Engine balloon.
New 8th Gen Intel Core vPro processors deliver better performance, long battery life, fast Wi-Fi 6 and built in security features with Intel Hardware Shield.
26 -- Rapoo VPRO V26S Price in India2999/-Notify When Available
has unveiled its line of, business-class mobile computing solutions to feature the new 8th Generation Intel Core vPro processors.
For increased computing performance while reducing power use, the units employ 6th generation Intel Core vPro processors, Intel's HD Graphics 520, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 technology and a hot-swappable battery.