VPRTVerband Privater Rundfunk und Telekommunikation eV (Germany)
VPRTVitreous Penetration Ratio Transmittance (diabetes)
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Furthermore, the VPRT procedure can also be reformulated in a more physically sound way by avoiding use of Dirac delta function and distribution theory.
Unlike the careful and rather abstract suggestions of the academic research team, however, Doetz and the VPRT's extensive paper suggested nothing less than cutting back on financial and political support for the public system.
ZDF topper Markus Schaechter dismissed VPRT's complaint as an attempt to compensate for the dire financial state of commercial broadcasting.
Stefan Kuhler, a spokesman for Germany's association of commercial broadcasters (VPRT), said the commercial TV industry would be willing to review and possibly strengthen its voluntary self-regulation policy, but would be against new laws.
"That would give judges unprecedented powers to interfere in the free market," says the VPRT's Stefan Kuehler.
The TV bosses and their national organisation, VPRT, which represents most of the commercial broadcasters in Germany, were coy though as to the content of the meeting.
Pubcasters ARD and ZDF and the association of commercial broadcasting and telecommunication (VPRT), which reps the country's commercial TV and radio broadcasters, inked a joint document last week calling for the new cable providers to set up a framework for technical and operative management of the soon-to-be upgraded cable systems.
March 23: Mr Liikanen receives the Singaporean Communications and Information Technology Minister, Lim Swee Say; Mr Busquin receives the Israel Research Minister, Matan Vilnai; Mrs Reding receives the Israeli Science, Culture and Sports Minister, Hagit Messer-Yaron; Mrs Reding receives Mr J?rgen Doetz, President of the German Association for Private Radio and Telecommunications (VPRT)
For Germany's association of commercial radio and TV (VPRT), the pubcasters' huge viewer fee and advertising-funded war chest have become points of contention.
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24 for German pubcaster specialist channels from licensing fees, rejecting a claim made by the private stations' umbrella organization, the VPRT. The EU said financing the specialist channels through licensing fees is compatible with its guidelines.
of Private Broadcasters and Telecommunication (VPRT), "provided the publicly financed Kinderkanal with a number of competitive advantages."